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2014 Arrowhead Zinfandel RoseNEW - 2014 Arrowhead Vineyard Zinfandel Rosé

Grapes for the 2014 Zinfandel Rosé come from our Arrowhead Mountain Vineyard located in Sonoma Valley, same as with our Zinfandel and Arrowhead Red. The vineyard is non-certified organic. This is mainly a choice by growers as no sulfur is used on the grapes, as allowed in certified organic vineyards. So I guess in a sense they are beyond organic. Every year the grapes at the highest elevation suffer from too much sun before becoming completely ripe. So we decided instead of losing these beautiful grapes to sun exposure we’d pick early for a rosé.

Harvested well below 21 brix, but with wonderful flavor. Not for the “White Zin” purists out there, this wine is fermented dry. Producing a rosé wine with pepper, watermelon, and tangy raspberry/strawberry. Fermented cool with no malo-lactic. Best served with only a slight chill.


NEW - 2010 Arrowhead Vineyard Zinfandel

The grapes for the 2010 Arrowhead Vineyard Zinfandel were picked over a 3 week period starting at the beginning of October. Grapes were hand picked into small bins in the early morning hours. The grapes were crushed into stainless steel fermenters, 15% of the grapes were added as whole clusters. Once fermentation commenced, the must was punched down 2-3 times per day allowing for good color extraction and oxygen incursion.

This wine brings the usual Black tea, bramble fruits, celery seed, and black/white pepper. More reminiscent of a Sonoma Valley Zinfandel made 30 years ago than some of the Zins made today. This wine is balanced and food friendly, and very much enjoyable on its own as well.


NEW - 2010 Arrowhead Red

The 2010 growing season was long and steady. With no heat spikes or rain the grapes were allowed to mature at their own rate. It would be hard to imagine a better year for growing grapes in California.

This wine brings the usual black tea, bramble fruits, celery seed, and black/white pepper you get with Arrowhead Vineyard. With the addition of the steep hillside Mourvedre and Petite Sirah you get a little depth and color. The newer plantings of these varietals are from some of the steepest and rockiest parts of the vineyard. More reminiscent of some of the Sonoma Valley Zinfandel field blends made 30 years ago than some of the wines made today. This wine is balanced and food friendly, and very much enjoyable on its own as well.


Arrowhead Mountain 2008 Arrowhead Zinfandel & Primary Red

The time has arrived for Arrowhead Mountain Winery to Release the 2008 Zinfandel and our Red Blend we call "Primary Red."

Both Wines continue to showcase our terroir by accenting blackberries, pepper, smoke, and licorice. The alcohol level is slightly lower than in previous years giving the wines a sense of elegance.

The wine is drinking young, so we encourage you to decant or aerate them to get the full pleasure the wines present. Order now and take advantage of our 30% off Release Special.

Arrowhead Mountain 2007 Arrowhead Zinfandel

The 2007 vintage was exceptional with a smaller than usual harvest but with intensity of the grapes that is not often seen. This 2007 Zinfandel has all of the components that vintners strive for; a wonderful bouquet, a satisfying palate, and a finish that is outstanding and guarantees pure enjoyment. This is a must have wine and we know after just one glass you will agree that this is one of the very best ever produced by Arrowhead Mountain Vineyard.

Arrowhead Mountain 2006 Arrowhead Zinfandel

The 2006 Arrowhead Mountain Zinfandel is a superb wine with notes of brier, black fruits, pepper and spices. Planted on steep slopes East of the Town of Sonoma, the vines compete with lots of volcanic rock for growing space providing these intense and complex flavors.

The wine has all of the components of a great Zinfandel, a wonderful bouquet, a pleasant full-bodied palate, and a finish that leaves you anticipating your next sip.

This wine is big and bold while being perfectly balanced. It is at its best served with food, moving flawlessly from a simple meal with friends to your most elegant dinner.

Arrowhead Mountain 2006 Arrowhead Red

Arrowhead Mountain Vineyard is located East of the town of Sonoma, where the vines are planted on hills that in places have slopes of 55 degrees.

The slopes and the volcanic rock force the vines to struggle, which causes the intense complexity allowing the pepper and spice of this wine to shine through.

Arrowhead Red is a combination of Zinfandel and Syrah blended to provide notes of brier, black fruit, and a hint of smoke. The lush mouth feel is well balanced with a good acidic backbone.

The vineyard is famous for producing big and bold wines. While it is excellent served with food, it will be equally enjoyable being sipped alone.